Tiburon CEO Summit goes high as talk turns to FANG factor on days one and two

The Tiburon CEO Summit comes at you in waves punctuated by lulls. But when a Big Barrel rises up, there are plenty of minds agile enough to see it for what it is and hang five on it.

This fall’s version of Chip Roame’s semiannual event at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco — an exquisite but airless chamber with killer bayscape views inaccessible to dutiful conference session goers — teetered between the banal, prosaic, oxygen-starved and the lofty, future transcending and inspiring.

Along with the rest of my reportorial kind, I was barred from the antechambers of conversation but put myself in the way of updates and some emails by parking myself and my laptop in the upstairs lounge. See: Chip takes a 90-minute rip at wealth management at the Tiburon CEO Summit

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