Totum's team combines world-class financial experts and unsurpassed technology talent.


Founded in 2015 by industry veterans, Totum Risk is the preeminent FinTech company that brings a comprehensive understanding of risk to transform wealth management. Having worked with the largest pension, endowment and sovereign wealth funds in the world, we observed that the best institutional investors all had a thorough understanding of risk, but most individual investors did not.  We began researching why there was a discrepancy and discovered that a risk tolerance tool that accurately calculated personal risk exposures simply did not exist.  This led to the inception of Totum.


With traditional risk surveys and robo advisors, investors usually complete a questionnaire on risk preferences without consideration of life events that could impact their investment strategy.  Furthermore, these questionnaires are often only given once, additionally reducing their efficacy.  The resulting risk score is not a true reflection of an investor’s risk capacity and as a result, could potentially have a negative impact on their investment portfolio. To address this problem, Totum quantifies risk capacity using multifaceted human capital factors and financial goals that are unique to each household. The end result is a clear understanding of the investor’s risk capacity presented in an easy to explain format that acts as a solid foundation for discussion between the advisor and their client or prospect.



Mark Cone
Co-founder and Managing Partner

Prior Life: Causeway Capital Co-Founder
Human Capital: skier, proud father of three


Larry Shumbres

Prior Life: FinTech, Schwab, Morningstar, eMoney
Human Capital: athlete, father, builder of businesses

John Aruldoss 

Prior Life: Equifax, Verizon Wireless, General Motors
Human Capital: father, music lover

steve burns
Jodi headshot

Steve Burns, PhD
Director, Quantitative Analyst

Prior Life: Physicist, Quantitative Analyst at MetWest and TCW.  Human Capital: World Traveler

Jodi Leibowitz
Director of Marketing

Prior Life: speaker, writer, manager, trainer
Human Capital: mom, wife, entrepreneur


Cindy Taylor
Marketing Advisor

Prior Life: Founder of Fintegration & Publisher of FintekNews