Totum's team combines world-class financial experts
and best technology talent


Founded in 2015 by industry veterans, Totum Risk is the preeminent FinTech company that brings a holistic understanding of risk to transform wealth management. Having worked with the largest pension, endowment and sovereign wealth funds in the world, we observed that the best institutional investors all have a detailed understanding of risk. We investigated why don’t individual investors do the same, only to find that risk tolerance tools that think about personal risk exposures simply didn't exist. So, we built Totum.

With traditional risk surveys and robo advisors, investors often complete a crude or hypothetical risk preference questionnaire, and thus are often placed into a generic portfolio that is not suitable. However, as Totum quantifies Risk Capacity using the multifaceted Human Capital Factors and financial goals that are unique to each household, financial advisors and their clients can have a clear understanding of their true risk needs and are empowered to make informed decisions.

  • Mark Cone

    Mark Cone
    Co-founder and Managing Partner

    Prior Life: Causeway Capital Co-Founder
    Human Capital: skier, proud father of three

  • Larry Shumbres

    Larry Shumbres

    Prior Life: FinTech, Schwab, Morningstar
    Human Capital: athlete, father, builder of businesses

  • N2 Analytics

    N2 Analytics
    Technology Partner

    Prior Life: ICE, Government Cybersecurity, Big Data, IOT
    Human Capital: Totum Partner

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