The spoonful of gamifying sugar a 33 year-old CEO took to make the boomer-ethos T3 conference go down and the robo-bonobo mentality that she observed

If I spoke in hashtags, “DOL” would definitely sit atop the trending board of last week’s T3 Enterprise Conference in Las Vegas. Our industry is flush with regulatory changes. “Process” would be the next most popular keyword, and it is becoming longer and more onerous overall despite technology solutions.

A good product manager should have customer empathy, so at the conference I took on the persona of someone who runs a small- to medium-size IBD.

Immediately, visceral anxieties started to kick in. How can I run the business profitably? My B-D’s technology may be behind already so there is all of a sudden a big gap to fill given the regulatory change. My CCO and her staff are already overwhelmed. I don’t have a CTO — the session by the cyber security guys from the Cosmopolitan hotel was extremely educational but how do I implement a program?

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