Prepare Your Clients for These 5 Life Events

Even though most individuals well-versed on financial investments have the “what if’s” planned out, you never know exactly what could happen. Investments and financial stability can change at the drop of a hat and consumers should be prepared for all types of situations that life throws at them. While clients may have some knowledge, a lot of them only look at the big picture, which is retirement. They walk into your offices and have the mental image of filling up the pages in their passport, and the serene vistas from their beach houses.

Although retirement is a large focus when it comes to planning your client’s finances for the future, there are also several events throughout their lives that are both expected and unexpected. These deeper conversations of discussing the “what if’s” can at times be challenging, especially when it comes to discussing planning for the possibility of costly health issues, and even the loss of family members. As a financial advisor, it is vital that these conversations are had in order to provide a robust financial plan to last them the rest of their lives.

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