Lessons from Game of Thrones: When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned, How to Prepare for Your Financial Future

Our world today is not nearly as dramatic, brutal, or feudalistic as Game of Thrones (GoT), but life comes at you fast. Are you ready money-wise? Being both a GoT and a finance nerd, I can’t help but see the common lessons, as the key life events of human existence still prevail.

Since most of us don’t have the Iron Bank behind us, we need to plan for circumstances in addition to retirement, such as surges of expenses like weddings, loss of income from starting a family, or both like in some cases of moving, and most importantly loss of loved ones, for instance, like Cersei or Ellaria.

Some of these are difficult hypotheticals, but are necessary considerations to make sure that your future is not in jeopardy. So are you ready to plan for these life changes?


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