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Preferences change all the time, therefore it's impossible to score a questionnaire based on preferences alone.

Based on academic research, a household has one life event annually that will impact their overall risk objectives. Totum scores a client's risk capacity (life situation) and risk preferences along with the portfolio to allow an advisor to accurately place their client in the right investment portfolio.

An Advisors Insurance Policy.

There are 11 questions all with their own academic quantitative models (built by industry expert PhD's) that flow through our algorithm for a more compliant score.   Built in Machine Learning with over 100 variables for a more accurate assessment of a client's risk capacity.  Advisors can add their own questions to find out more about a prospect or client.  Finally, we archive all questionnaires and scores for your records and compliance.

Totum is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory.


Customize Your Own Models & Integrate Your Book of Business

Apply your customized portfolios to match your client's true risk score. Easily upload your current models through our Excel template.

Integrate directly through your custodian, broker/dealer, insurance firm, bank, and other third party fintech solutions to automatically review your clients accounts and portfolio scores.

Investment Policy Statements and Reports

White label and customize your own Investment Policy Statements, Client Summary, or Portfolio Summary.   Include portfolio comparisons, recommendations, analytics, stress test, monte carlo simulation, historical returns charts, and more.