Data is power in our world today.

Data-driven decision making helps online businesses achieve better results in marketing and operational efficiency.

Financial services has long used data from markets, companies and credit history, fintech innovators today are harnessing ubiquitous but less conventional personal data to shift the power from large institutions into the hands of individuals.

Applying the ‘big model’ approach that considers multiple aspects of each person, a new generation of fintech analytics empower individuals to make better investment and spending decisions, gain access to credit and take control of their personal data.

“Big Model” Impact

The initiatives of these fintech companies are indicators of how “big model” analytics are changing the financial services industry.

The prevalence of data and digital technologies has unleashed an array of insights into consumer needs and behaviors, resulting in valuable opportunities for individuals to get access to better financial service.

As consumer expectations evolve with technology, financial institutions and professionals can leverage these intelligent analytics to better understand their clients and enhance their service.

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