AdvisorPeak and Totum Risk Announce New Data Integration & Partnership

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SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Totum Risk and AdvisorPeak are pleased to announce their new data integration and partnership. The robust integration simplifies the advisor experience by embedding Totum’s risk analysis within AdvisorPeak’s trading and rebalancing platform to optimize advisors time and user experience.

AdvisorPeak’s innovative trading and rebalancing software is designed to intuitively manage your client portfolios in a tax-efficient manner. Advisors will now be able to analyze risk score data from the Totum platform directly inside AdvisorPeak. This robust integration removes the need for advisors to compare risk data in one system and then manually trade them in another system.

“Our new partnership with Totum represents an exciting step towards the innovative advancements in advisor technology we are strong proponents of,” stated Damon Deru, CEO of AdvisorPeak.  “This partnership is the first of its kind in the wealth management industry and offers AdvisorPeak and Totum clients immediate ROI. This announcement follows our philosophy of partnering with best-of-breed platforms that bring superior technology solutions for advisors and partners alike.”

Clients using Totum for risk analysis and management will have access to the integration immediately. The ability to seamlessly access Totum’s patent-pending risk scoring system within AdvisorPeak, creates a new and unique risk-based rebalancing and trading platform for the advisor industry.

“We are constantly seeking mutually beneficial partnerships that will bring real value to our clients as a contributor to their success,” said Larry Shumbres, CEO for Totum Risk. “It is crucial that we expand our partnerships to trading and rebalancing technology as advisors realize the symbiotic relationship the two represent. We are fanatical about the standards of data integrity and we are confident in recommending AdvisorPeak to our clients in such a crucial area that trading represents. We are excited to offer advisors another partnership with best in class tools that improves the advisor experience while allowing us to maintain our own focus.”

AdvisorPeak and Totum Risk will be sponsoring VEO Kiosks at TDA LINC 2020 in Orlando Florida. Both companies invite LINC attendees to visit them for additional information about their technology and partnership. AdvisorPeak will be at Kiosk 66 and Totum Risk at Kiosk 72.

About Totum

Totum Risk provides a defensible multi-scoring risk tolerance toolkit that enables financial advisors, insurance agents, and plan sponsors to create a more accurate investment strategy. Financial services organizations of all sizes utilize Totum’s proprietary risk scoring models to calculate portfolio risk based on an investor’s current life situation and not just their risk preferences. Founded in 2015, Totum Risk is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit

About AdvisorPeak
AdvisorPeak, Inc. was founded by former investment advisors and wealth management tech veterans with the vision of bringing innovative software to the financial services industry. Designed to meet the real-world needs that advisors and institutions face, AdvisorPeak is the product of years of in-depth research into the logistics of tax-smart portfolio trading and rebalancing.  AdvisorPeak offers all investment professionals the opportunity to utilize powerful portfolio management tools at a reasonable cost. For more information about AdvisorPeak, or to schedule a software demo, please visit or follow @AdvisorPeak on Twitter.

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