A Unique Risk Tolerance Tool for Financial Advisors

The only digital risk tolerance questionnaire that helps you understand how much risk your clients can comfortably take based on their life situation.

A Clear Conversation
to Stay the Course

Preferences change all the time, therefore it’s impossible to score a questionnaire based on preferences alone.

Based on our academic research, a household has one life event annually that will impact their overall risk objectives. Totum scores a client’s risk capacity (life situation) and risk preferences along with the portfolio to allow an advisor to accurately place their client in the right investment portfolio.

Compelling, Compliant, Complete

Know your clients better by understanding how their stages in life affect their risk tolerance.  Preferences change all the time, where risk capacity, on average, changes once a year.

Totum Wealth is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory.

Match your client's Risk Score with your Scored Models

Apply your customized portfolios to match your client’s true risk score. Easily upload your current models through our Excel template.

Investment policy statement

White label and customize your own Investment Policy Statements, Client Summary, or Portfolio Summary. Include portfolio comparisons, recommendations, analytics, stress test, monte carlo simulation, and more.


per month / user

  • Unlimited Clients per user.
  • Investment Policy Statements.
  • Risk Capacity, Risk Preference, and Portfolio scores.
  • FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory.
  • Protected by 256 bit SSL security.
  • Web-based. Access anywhere, anytime,
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Totum provides a unique deliver of my client’s risks which sharpens my recommendations. It takes the pain out of excessive data entry and allows me to review portfolios in a fun experience with my clients.

Tony Saemai, SeaCrest Wealth Management

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Totum has eliminated the need for time-consuming spreadsheets and supports our advisors’ initiatives by generating dynamic visual proposals. This enables our clients to easily monitor the risks within their portfolios in an engaging way.

Robert Dalie, Suma Group, Oppenheimer

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One of the most persistent challenges for advisors is to get an accurate gauge of a client’s risk tolerance. With a fresh approach to risk analysis, Totum is a promising new addition to the advisor tool kit.

Joel Bruckenstein, Technology Tools for Today

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