Brooke’s Note: Here are three very different kinds of notable people at three spots on their career arcs and each in a spot you couldn’t have guessed a year ago. All three people, Gail Graham, Min Zhang and Larry Shumbres have the common denomnator of being guns for hire in a heating RIA battle. Each has tried to kick back a bit only to be drawn back in by an irrestible swirl of RIA digital opportunity. But in interviewing Cecile Munoz for this article she added somewhat ominously the people making these hires are doing so with a mixture of fear and ambition as the Amazonization of commerce in the United States shrinks profit margins at a rate never before seen. Gail Graham is watching cable news today and wondering if her life is about to be redirected by a storm for the second time in five years. The long-time Fidelity Investments executive who left the big Boston firm to become chief marketing officer for United Capital Financial Advisers in 2012 is glued to her television in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass. because of direct life and asset interests. Graham, 57, signed on with United Capital CEO Joe Duran half a decade ago.  Joe Duran inks deals with two top RIA executive talents, Graham and Bogan, after United Capital hits a ‘roadblock’ The wishful idea she’d be on the road perhaps two days a week. But the envisioned Category 2 job rapidly built into a Category 5 as she helped United Capital seize a new destiny. After spending millions and getting cozy with Salesforce, United Capital is morphing, maybe big-time   Read more here.]]>

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