Game of Thrones, how many episodes I would survive. I know in The Hunger Games I would stand no chance due to zero outdoor survival skills, but the politics of Game of Thrones is just as treacherous. I kept thinking about what we can learn from the rise and fall of the Game of Thrones characters, and how to apply these lessons to our professional careers. It’s natural for me to start with Daenerys Targaryen since we are about the same height. As an entrepreneur who’s not an online beauty guru, I see a “deeper game” in her than dressing up like her at Halloween or naming kids “Khaleesi”. Okay fine – I am drawn to the superficial aspects too, such as her perfect posture – Emilia is perfectly capable of slouching, as in Me before You and that Daenerys finally budged to Daario’s persistence and had some fun, which reminds me to re-evaluate the “work-work balance” that many entrepreneurs take for granted. I see Daenerys as the startup and everyone else is fighting in a corporate world. She exemplifies the spirit of a Silicon Valley darling: ambitious, tenacious and ultra-high growth. If your career goal is to climb the corporate ladder, learn from those in Westereos. However, if you’re an entrepreneur, check out her top four entrepreneurial qualities: Read more here.]]>

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