Risk tolerance.  

Clearly defined.

Every year the average household has a major life event that affects their overall investment risk objective. Do you know your client’s risk capacity?



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The future of risk analysis is personal

Totum is the only FINRA compliant risk analysis tool capable of understanding employment history, family size, life goals, & health

Multi-Scoring Process

  • Risk Capacity Score based on a clients life situation.  This score is where they should be.
  • Risk Preference Score is pschological and changes all the time.  This score is where they want to be today.
  • Portfolio Risk Score is where they are today.  Adjust the portfolio to get closer to the Risk Capacity score.

Compliant, Safe Advice

  • A Preference score alone will not hold up in arbitration.  Totum protects the advisor with multiple scoring.
  • The Advisor Insurance Policy. 60+ page quantitative risk models built by a team of Economic PhD's.
  • Automatic archiving of risk questionnaires and scores for your records and any audits.

Proposals for your Meetings

  • White label and custom reporting
  • Investment Policy Statements
  • Analytics, Stress test, historical return comparisons, Monte Carlo Simulation, and more.
  • Compare your models to your clients or prospects portfolio.




One of the most persistent challenges for advisors is to get an accurate gauge of a client’s risk tolerance. With a fresh approach to risk analysis, Totum is a promising new addition to the advisor tool kit.

Joel Bruckenstein, Technology Tools for Today